ZerOS Software Update on Consoles running ZerOS or older

To perform the update, you will need a USB Memory Stick, which will be erased and formatted as part of the process. Make sure you first backup any data on the USB Memory Stick that you wish to keep.

The update will reinstall all the software on the desk. An .exe file (ZerOS OS Creator USB application) is run on a Windows PC to create a bootable USB Memory Stick.


- Download the USB Install Creator application available from the latest ZerOS Download

- Extract/unzip

- Run the ZerOS OS Creator USB

- Insert a USB Memory Stick into your Windows PC when prompted and follow the on screen instructions of the ZerOS OS Creator. After a few minutes, the install creator will instruct you to remove the USB Memory Stick, which now contains the update for the desk.

- Remove the USB Memory Stick from your PC and insert it in one of the desks USB ports

- Power on the desk and the desk will automatically boot into the software update application. It is recommended that you have a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to the desk to perform this update, but not required on FLX.

- Press the [Install ZerOS] button on the monitor and the software will be installed

- Once the update is complete, you will be taken back to the "Install" screen

- Switch the console off, and remove the USB Memory Stick

- Reboot the console, and you will boot into the newly installed software


Some types of USB Memory Stick may not be bootable by the desk. If you experience any difficulties, click here.