"Phantom" is the term used for all Zero 88 offline editors, these include PhantomJester, PhantomFrog, and PhantomZerOS.

Once installed onto a PC, you can select from a drop down which console you want to emulate, and then the console front panel and external monitors will open in windows to allow for operation. This allows you to build/edit shows before getting in the venue, which you can then load into the console using USB (Floppy for the Frog range).

Across the 3 Phantom platforms right clicking a button using a PC mouse acts as pressing and holding that button on the real console, to allow for Shifted actions for example. On Phantom ZerOS SHIFT + F10 is the same as pressing SETUP. 

With PhantomZerOS, if you purchase the Phantom UnlockDongle, your PC will output DMX from the Ethernet port using either the Art-Net or sACN protocols. Connecting the WING to your laptop with the software running means you have a powerful console on your PC, ideal for use with a touchscreen laptop.



  1. Phantom Jester
  1. PhantomFrog