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Building on the success of the ORB lighting console, the ORB XF adds additional fader control for intensity channels and live Playback control, making it ideal for control of live events. Combining theatrical syntax with 60 multi-function faders, ORB XF provides intuitive control of both generic dimmers and moving lights.

Operating on the highly successful ZerOS family software platform, ORB XF provides an intuitive interfaces for operators. ORB XF lets you make dynamic ‘on the fly’ adjustments to cues, supports advanced tracking functionality and enables creation of powerful effects. For theatrical playback, there are 1000 cue stacks of up-to 1000 cues addressable through the 2 playback masters or via the multi function faders.

Software features include an onscreen colour picker, gobo image display and a sleek, clear user interface placing the latest in lighting control technology at your fingertips. A familiar programming interface gives ORB XF users the flexibility of customising displays and default settings, truly making the desk their own.

As part of the ZerOS family of consoles, show files can be shared and modified by any console including the off-line editor and PC backup. An internal fixture library of more than 3000 fixtures makes it easy to swap between fixture types, maintaining flexibility on touring shows.

Add multiple touchscreens, wireless mobile devices, architectural and advanced Ethernet networking to Zero 88’s comprehensive range of dimming options for a truly integrated system solution.

The latest software can be downloaded here.

The latest fixture library can be downloaded here.

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