Connecting Phantom ZerOS to Capture


In partnership with Capture, Zero 88 are offering a free presentation file to allow customers to run visualisations of a pre-designed venue for use whilst learning ZerOS.

Click here to download Phantom ZerOS. 

Click here for the ZerOS Show Files, and the Capture file.


Products Affected

  • Phantom ZerOS (Offline PC Editor)


This guide has been written using Phantom ZerOS 7.8.5 and Capture Argo 21.1.20.


cid:image001.png@01D0F480.BC95A7A0 First, download PhantomZerOS from the link above and install it on your computer. Secondly, download the .exe and the .isf from the link above, and save them to your desktop. Open Phantom ZerOS, which will present you with a window. Click “Settings”. If the “Path” is not pointing to your Desktop, choose “Browse” and then select your desktop. Click OK on all of these windows, and then click “Go” on the last window.

Now ensure “Show Front Panel” and “Show Monitor 1” is ticked on the window shown to the right. cid:image002.png@01D0F480.BC95A7A0 On the front panel, click the “SETUP” button. On the LCD, choose “Load File” and select the .isf file you saved onto the desktop earlier.

Next, open the Capture .exe file.

Lastly, go back to Phantom ZerOS, go into setup (SHIFT + F10), choose “Visualisation” and change “Capture” to “Enabled”. Below this, choose an IP address (the IP addresses shown are those of your computer. We suggest using There is no need for any other network settings (such as Art-Net or sACN) to be enabled. Press SHIFT + F10 again to leave setup.

The two systems should now be connected, and any changes made in ZerOS should be reflecting in Capture.


For further information, please contact the Zero 88 support team via or calling +44(0)1633 833101.