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What are ZerOS consoles?

Compatible touchscreen monitors with ZerOS consoles

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RGB Colour Mixing on Faders

How to add custom Fixture Files to ZerOS

Powering Off consoles

Requesting a new Fixture File

How to connect apps to ZerOS (Android)

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How do I Patch Fixtures?

What is RigSync? (RDM on ZerOS)

Inserting a cue

What are Debug files?

How can I configure Default & Max Levels?

How to connect apps to ZerOS (iOS)

What is Tagging?

How to use a Tablet as a wireless touchscreen

ZerOS Training Notes

Can I plug a keyboard into my console?

How do I use a Global BPM?

How do I Save my show?

General Playback Settings

How do I Home a fixture?

What is Programmer Time?

How can I adjust Attribute Settings?

YouTube Training

Recording on Zero 88 consoles

Lock Function

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What are Groups?

What is Offsetting an Effect?

How can I configure DMX & RDM?

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What does the Output Window show?

How do I use Auto Cues?

Which consoles have RigSync?

ZerOS Desk Information Window

How do I manually Release a Playback?

What are the Encoder buttons for?

How do I invert Pan/Tilt?

Where can I hire a FLX from?

What is Page Lock?

Can I give my fixtures custom names?