What are the Encoder buttons for?

When the Encoders (wheels below the touchscreen) are displaying Fade Times, you can tap the middle encoder button to bring up a number pad to type the fade time. 

However when the Encoders are controlling fixture parameters, they have a different functionality. If you tap the middle button of Red, Green or Blue parameters you will be taken to the Colour Picker. If you tap the middle encoder button of either Pan or Tilt you will be taken to the Pan / Tilt Grid.

On parameters with discrete values (such as colour, gobo, shutter, macro, control etc), these details can be displayed on the internal touch screen by pressing the central encoder button. With Colour Wheels and Gobos, an image of each slot will be shown.

In the image below the middle button of the "Gobo1<>" Parameter has been pressed...

The highlighted value (in blue) shows the currently active value. This is therefore particularly useful for Strobes and Prisms, as you can tap the encoder button of the parameter, tap which Prism/ Strobe you want, and then use the encoder to speed up or slow down the rate of the Strobe or Prism.

Tapping the same encoder button again closes the Parameter Details and takes you back to the palette window.