How To: Add Colours over the top of an intensity chase

To do this, you can program your chase which will control just the intensity of the fixtures, and you can then program separate playbacks that just control colour.

The simplest way to do this, is firstly push up the intensities of your fixtures to full, and then record this to a playback fader. Then push this playback fader up, so the fixtures come on in their default colour (white). Their intensities should be displayed in blue in the Output Window.

Then select the fixtures and choose the colour you wish to store, and then press and hold RECORD. From the Record Options window that opens, ensure SmartTag is disabled, indicated with a blue stripe. If it is enabled (red stripe) the console will include intensity with your colour. You just want colour to be stored, not intensity, that way intensity can be controlled by the chase playback separately. Then tap the flashing playback button you wish to store your colour to. Then repeat this process for all of your colours. You won't need to press and hold RECORD each time, as once SmartTag is disabled in the Record Options it will stay disabled until you enable it again. 

If you cannot see a SmartTag button in the Record Options window, see below...

Then double tap CLEAR, and program your intensity chase, ensuring not to include any colour information. Once you have done this, you should find you can raise your chase playback, and introduce colours over the top using your colour playbacks.

You will probably find you want to enable fader controls colour on the colour playbacks. To do this, press and hold SETUP and tap your colour playback's button, and then choose Colour under fader controls, so that it has a red stripe.

Fore more information, see below...

To turn SmartTag back on for future programming, press and hold RECORD, tap SmartTag so it has a red stripe, and then tap RECORD to save and close the window.