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Which fixtures work with RigSync?

RigSync uses "RDM" (Remote Device Management) to automatically address, patch and manage your lighting rig.

Fixtures listed below will automatically be linked to the built-in personalities in the latest ZerOS Fixture Library, giving you the best possible control of your fixtures.

RDM enabled fixtures not listed below should still work with your ZerOS console, however the level of control will be based upon the quality of the fixture's RDM implementation - which does vary between manufacturers and fixtures. We have already approached many of the major fixture manufacturers to obtain the latest RDM information and we will be regularly updating this list as the information is released and our fixture library is updated. 

If you wish to request RigSync support for a specific RDM enabled fixture, please email


CHROMA Q Color Force 12 
ETC ColorSource Linear 1 
  ColorSource Linear 1 Deep Blue 
  ColorSource PAR 
  ColorSource PAR Deep Blue 
  ColorSource Spot 
  ColorSource Spot Deep Blue 
  Source 4 LED Lustr+ 
  Source 4 LED Series 2 Lustr 
H.E.L.L LabPack 
  MAC 101 CLD
  MAC 101 CT
  MAC 101 WRM
  Mac 350 Entour 
  Mac 350 Entour 
  Mac Aura 
  Mac III 
  Mac III Performance 
  Mac Quantum Wash 
  Mac Viper AirFX 
  Mac Viper Performance 
  Mac Viper Profile 
  Mac Viper Wash DX 
ROBE CityFlex 48 
  CitySkape 48 
  CitySkape Xtreme 
  CitySource 96 RGBCW 
  CitySource 96 Single Colour 
  Color Beam 700 E AT 
  Color Mix 575 AT 
  Color Spot 700 E AT 
  Color Spot 1200 AT 
  Color Spot 1200 E AT 
  Color Spot 2500 E AT 
  Color Wash 250 AT 
  Color Wash 575 AT 
  Color Wash 575 AT Zoom 
  Color Wash 575 EAT 
  Color Wash 700 AT 
  Color Wash 750 AT Tungsten 
  Color Wash 1200 EAT 
  Color Wash 2500 EAT 
  Digital Spot 3000 DT 
  DSpot 3 DT 1.2_L1
  DSpot 3 DT 1.2_L2
  DSpot 3 DT 1.2_L3
  DSpot 3 DT 1.2_ML
  DSpot 7 DT 1.3_L1
  DSpot 7 DT 1.3_L2
  DSpot 7 DT 1.3_L3
  DSpot 7 DT 1.3_L4
  DSpot 7 DT 1.3_ML
  ParFect S1 
  REDWash 3-192 
  RMix3.192 (M1)
  Robin 300 LEDWash 
  Robin 300 Plasma Spot 
  Robin 300 Plasma Wash 
  Robin 300 Spot Classic 
  Robin 300E Beam 
  Robin 300E Spot 
  Robin 300E Wash 
  Robin 600 LED Wash 
  Robin 600 PureWhite SW (SmartWhite) 
  Robin 600 PureWhite WW (WarmWhite) 
  Robin 600E Beam 
  Robin 600E Spot 
  Robin 1000LED Beam 
  Robin 1200 LEDWash 
  Robin Actor 3 
  Robin Actor 6 
  Robin Actor 12 
  Robin BMFL Blade 
  Robin BMFL Spot 
  Robin BMFL Wash 
  Robin BMFL WashBeam 
  Robin Cyclone 
  Robin DL4F Wash 
  Robin DL4S Profile 
  Robin DL7S Profile 
  Robin DLF Wash 
  Robin DLS Profile 
  Robin DLX Spot 
  Robin Mega Pointe 
  Robin MiniMe
  Robin MiniPointe 
  Robin MMX Blade 
  Robin MMX Spot 
  Robin MMX WashBeam 
  Robin Pointe 
  Robin Square 
  Robin Strobe 
  Robin Viva 
  Robin Viva CMY