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Common spare parts for Juggler console

Below is a list of common spare parts for the Zero88 Juggler.
You can order these from your Zero 88 distributor.

Order CodeDescriptionPCB EM 
1176099Juggler processor PCBEM7865
1215299Juggler Master PCBEM7883
1215399Juggler Preset PCBEM7786
4407500Spare potentiometer for Juggler 
4418000Spare fader for Juggler 
5355100Black Button No  LED 
5355200Black Button Red LED 
5356400Black Button 2 Red LED 
5367000Potentiometer Knob - Black 
5396000Potentiometer Cap - Black/White 
5442000Fader Cap - Black/White 
553610038W Power Supply (XLR4) for Juggler