What is Highlight?

"Highlight" provides a quick method of locating a fixture (or fixtures), to allow the position to be adjusted without tagging any of the other parameters. This can be particularly useful when creating or updating position palettes.

To use Highlight, select the required fixture(s) and press the SHIFT and HOME keys together. This will set the intensity of the currently selected fixtures to the "High value" (configured in SETUP > System Settings > High Value, which is defaulted to 100%). All other parameters, except for Pan and Tilt, are output to their home values. While a fixture is highlighted, only the Pan and Tilt parameters can be edited using the encoders.

Whilst Highlight is active, the NEXT and PREVIOUS keys navigate between fixtures. On consoles without these keys, the functions can be accessed by pressing SHIFT and LEFT or RIGHT together. When a group is used to select fixtures, NEXT and PREVIOUS will select individual fixtures within the group, selecting in the order the fixtures were selected when the group was first recorded.

Once finished adjusting fixtures, press SHIFT and HOME again to un-highlight the selected fixture(s). The other fixture parameters will return to their previous output level.

The Highlight function can also be placed onto an empty User Definable Key (UDK). Press SETUP and an empty UDK together, and choose "Highlight" from the drop down menu, as shown below. The "shifted" option allows a second function to be stored on the UDK, accessed by holding SHIFT and pressing the UDK.