What is Palette Referencing?

Palettes are available for each of the Attributes - "Colour", "Beamshape", "Position" and "Effect". Automatic palettes are available, or they can be manually created.

When recording Cues and UDKs, if palettes are recalled rather than manually adjusting the fixtures, ZerOS will record a "Palette Reference" rather than the actual parameter data.

This means if you update the Palette, all the Cues / UDKs which used that palette will automatically be updated too.

This is especially useful for touring shows when using positions, to save updating each cue individually when you move venue.

If you delete a palette that has been used in Cues / UDKs, ZerOS will replace the palette references in each Cue / UDK with the actual parameter data before deleting the palette.

Updating Palettes

To update a palette, it is often easiest to activate the palette first by selecting your fixtures and touching the palette. Now, make the changes you want, and then press Update followed by touching the relative palette .This updates whichever palette you touched on the touch screen. Updating a palette will update the contents of that palette, but will not alter the name of the palette. Palettes can also be updated via syntax - so UPDATE COLOUR 15 ENTER