What is Page Lock?

When you enable "Page Lock" on a Playback, that specific Playback will not change when the Playback Page is changed. Therefore, it will always be available. This is really useful for Playbacks you always want access to - such as Houselights, Working Light and effects such as smoke and haze. However, Page Locking a Playback means you can no longer access the Playbacks on other pages which would normally be accessed via the same physical fader, until Page Lock is disabled. To Page Lock a Playback, hold SETUP and press the GO button of the Playback, choose "Advanced" and then choose "Page Lock".

Page lock can also be applied to a User Definable Key (UDK), to lock a specific UDK to the button no matter which page you are on. This is enabled by default on FLX consoles, but can be disabled to access UDKs on additional pages. To Page Lock a UDK, hold SETUP and press the UDK. The window will look different depending what is stored on the UDK, but all UDKs include the "Page Lock" option.