What is Programmer Time?

Programmer Time is used to set the internal fade time of ZerOS consoles. This fade time can then be applied to anything in the programmer, ideal for “busking” shows. Programmer Time can be accessed by holding SETUP and then tapping an empty Playback. You can then choose Programmer Time from the options as seen below and click OK:

On FLX series consoles this can also be found on the far right encoder wheel by tapping the Z key:

The Programmer Time control will allow you to set any value between 0.0 (snap) and 11:30.0. This time is displayed just above the encoder on the touch screen of FLX, or in the MFF Window:

To enable the time crossfade function, tap the Programmer Time Playback's button, or on FLX press the middle button of the encoder.

Now, activating palettes, changing intensities via syntax, clearing the programmer, releasing playbacks, RemDim/Highlight etc will all take the Programmer Time , rather than happening instantly.