What is Parking?

A "parked" fixture is one for which all it's DMX output values are frozen, and cannot be adjusted, until such a time as the fixture is "unparked". In the Output Window a parked fixture is indicated by having a Red background behind its channel number:

To have access to the Park feature, hold SETUP + tap an empty UDK or Spare Button. Then use the drop down to select Park, and the shifted drop down to select Unpark:

To then Park a fixture, select the fixture and press the {Park} UDK/Spare Button. Whilst a fixture is parked, it is still possible to modify the values associated with the fixture in cues, palettes etc but the output values from the desk will not change. To unpark a fixture select it and then hold SHIFT and tap the {Park} UDK/Spare button. The unparked fixture will jump to its currently defined parameter levels. On ORB Series consoles one of the Multi-function Syntax keys will be Park when fixtures are selected.