Fader Controls...

It is possible to enable "Fader Controls..." for Colour, Beam, Position, and/or Effect on any Playback containing channel data.

This allows for parameters to be scaled by the fader level as well as the intensity, rather than attributes triggering at the specified trigger level and fading automatically. This is great for building playbacks containing a single cue which move fixtures out into the audience – as the fader moves up, the fixtures move up. Another application commonly used is to create three playbacks – one for Red, one for Green and one for Blue, and enable Fader Controls Colour on all three. To use this feature, hold SETUP, and tap the Playback you wish to enable Fader Controls on:

This will take you to the Playback's Settings, where under the General tab you can choose which attributes you wish to be scaled by the fader. This also gives the options for Effects to be controlled by the fader, which scales the size and speed of the effect.