How do I load files into my console?

There are 7 file types that ZerOS consoles can load in. This is done from SETUP, and choosing Load File from the left hand side:

This will take you to the Load File screen where you can choose which file from an external USB drive to Load in:

The first drop down allows you to choose which memory stick you are viewing if you have multiple plugged into the console. If none appear, press Refresh. Tapping the column heading allows you to sort the files by Name, Size and Date.

  • ZerOS Showfiles

Any ZerOS Showfile can be loaded into any ZerOS console from a USB Storage Device. For ultimate compatibility, it is suggested that both consoles are running the same software version. When loading a showfile, all information on the console will be lost. Therefore, ensure you save your current show first before loading another file. A list of show files on the currently selected storage device appears on the touch screen. Select the show file you wish and press OK to load the show. The console will load the show into its memory and you will automatically leave Setup. When loading a ZerOS Showfile, you are given three options – “Load Complete Show”, “Load Setup Only” and “Load Setup & Palettes”. Loading a complete show brings the console back to the same settings that were defined when the show was stored - Patch information, Cue Information, UDKs, Palettes, Groups, Macros, Desk Setup and Network settings will all be restored.

  • FROG Show Files

ZerOS consoles can also load in FROG show files from consoles running FrogOS/ PhantomFrog.

  • ASCII Showfiles

ASCII showfiles are a generic file format that can be shared between a range of consoles from a range of manufactures. FLX can load ASCII showfiles using the same method as detailed above for ZerOS Showfiles. The ASCII showfile specification has several limitations, such as only supporting dimmer channels (not moving lights etc) and a basic cue stack. However it is very useful, especially when touring. ZerOS consoles can also load manufacturer specific data from ETC Eos/Ion & Nomad systems, and Strand Genius Plus within USITT ASCII showfiles. This adds support for moving lights, LEDs and other fixtures, along with referencing palettes. Submasters are imported as Playbacks with single cues.

  • User Fixture Types

User Fixture Types are files created when a required fixture is not included within the Zero 88 Fixture Library. Once loaded, a confirmation will appear saying “x Fixture Types loaded” (x being the number of fixtures included within the single file). These will be loaded into the main library, ready to be patched in the usual way.

  • Zero 88 Fixture Library

The Zero 88 Fixture Library contains a library of over 6000 fixtures you may wish to use with your ZerOS console. This library is regularly updated, and can be downloaded free of charge from the Zero 88 website. Once loaded, the new library will not take effect until the console has been restarted (which can be done straight away, or at a more convenient time later).

  • Universe Upgrades

FLX Series consoles have the ability to Output additional universes over ArtNet4/ sACN. This can be done via the Zero 88 Upgrade website.

The easiest way to upgrade your FLX is to press SETUP on your console, and choose "upgrade". Here you can save a file onto USB which tells us everything we need to know about your console. Upload the file to us by clicking the button below. Once paid for, you'll have the option of saving a file to load onto your FLX, or seeing an Unlock Code which you can manually type into your console.


  • Installing ZerOS Software Updates

ZerOS is regularly updated as a free update from the Zero 88 website. Once loaded, you will be required to restart the console before you can continue. The software installation process completely removes all data on the console, including any current show files. If the current show file is still required, please ensure that backups are taken before proceeding with the update. After completing the update you may re-load your show if required.