What is Blind Mode?

Blind mode is available on ZerOS consoles, allowing values to be updated and recorded without affecting the live output of the console. To enter Blind mode, tap "Blind" at the top of the Outputs Window.

There are also shortcuts depending what console you're using:

  • On FLX, the shortcut is hold SHIFT and press the ‘Z’ button
  • On ORB Series/ FROG2, tap the BLIND key
  • On Solution/Leapfrogs, tap SPECIAL -> Blind MFK.

The Output Window and Command Bar turn grey, to indicate blind mode is active:

Changing intensities and fixture parameters within blind mode (and then recording or updating this into a cue) is exactly the same as normal operation, except it won’t change the lighting state on stage. When in Blind Mode, you can “load” a cue by holding down the playback’s Go button and typing the cue number. Alternatively on ORB/Solution, tap LOAD, followed by <Playback> / <Cue number>. This will load that cue into the Blind Programmer so you can view it, and make changes to it, without changing the output on stage:

After loading a cue, you are able to use the "Prev" and "Next" buttons top right of the Output Window to go through your cue list. After editing a cue in Blind and making changes, pressing UPDATE will update the loaded cue and leave Blind Mode.

Pressing GO on a playback will continue to work like normal when you're in Blind Mode. However, on FLX because the “load cue” method is the same method as jumping to a cue when not in Blind Mode, the Goto cue functionality is not available within Blind Mode. To exit blind mode, just tap Blind again (or tap "Z" on FLX).

Any programmer data which hasn’t been saved or cleared will be recalled when you next enter Blind Mode.