What are Groups?

Groups are a useful way of creating shortcuts for selections of lights. Not only do they record the selection of fixtures, but they also record the order of the selection, which is crucial for when it comes to fanning fixtures of running effects across multiple lights.

If you tap GROUP, you will see there is an option to Automatically Create Groups. If you press this, ZerOS will look at your currently patched fixtures and create some quick groups for you to use, such as all of one type of fixture:

To record your own group, make your selection of lights, using syntax, channel select buttons or tapping fixture numbers in the Output Window, indicated by an orange circle around the fixture number in the Output Window:

Then tap RECORD, tap GROUP, and then tap the empty Group you wish to recall the selection with, marked with an asterisk:

An automatic name will be given, in the same way auto groups are named, but you can then give the Group your own name by tapping NAME, followed by the group. Alternatively you can hold SETUP + tap the Group:

Once recorded, Groups can be used via syntax, or via the built in touch screen on FLX. Using syntax, all the commands you would normally use with a single channel can also be used with groups.

Here are two examples:

This sets all the intensities of the channels within group 1 to 45%

This sets all the intensities of channels within group 1 and group 3 to 80%

Intensity Groups

However, at the time of recording groups, ZerOS also remembers the intensity levels the selected fixtures were at. If you wish to recall a group with all the recorded intensities, use the same syntax as above, but press the Group button twice, which will display “Intensity Group” in the command line. When doing this, the “@ 50” will no longer take the selection of fixtures to 50%, but instead to 50% of their recorded values.

This sets all the intensities of the channels within group 6 to their recorded values within that group.

GROUP GROUP 1 @ 25 Enter
This sets all the intensities of the channels within group 1 to 25% of their recorded values (so if the intensity of a fixture is recorded at 40% within Group 1, this syntax would recall them at 10%).

On FLX, double tapping a group using the touchscreen will also turn the fixtures on to their recorded levels. If no levels were given at the time of recording, double tapping puts the fixtures on at full. Double tapping again turns those lights off. 

Intensity Groups can also be used like any other referencing palette, affecting only the selected fixtures rather than all the fixtures recorded within the Group:

This recalls the fixture intensities from Group 5 to only the currently selected fixtures.The fixture selection does not change by using this syntax.

When a fixture is taken to its full intensity stored within a group (using any of the previous methods), ZerOS references the recorded value back to the group’s intensity, so if the group is updated, the cues will automatically be updated to the new intensity too.

Using the built in touch screen on FLX consoles or an external touchscreen on other ZerOS consoles, you can select and deselect groups directly just by touching them. There are two modes available - “Single Select” and “Multiple Select”, selectable via the buttons along the top of the window. In Single Select , only one group can be selected at a time. Selecting a group will deselect any other channels, unless syntax commands are used. AND and EXCEPT buttons are shown in the Groups Window for convenience and work identically to their equivalent front panel keys. When Multiple Select is active, touching multiple groups will select all of those groups. ZerOS will keep adding to the selection until another command is entered (like changing the intensity, or selecting a palette). After that, those channels will remain selected until you press on another group, which will start the selection again. The previous channels being deselected can be avoided by typing AND first, and then selecting another group.

The Clear Selection button is highlighted blue when there are channels selected. Pressing it will deselect them all, in the same way pressing CLEAR will.