How do I use Auto Cues?

There are two automatic cue follow triggers available on ZerOS consoles. These allow cues to run automatically from the previous cue.

These triggers can be applied to any cue within a Playback. Firstly you need to view the Playback containing the cue you wish to automate. To do this hold VIEW and tap the Playback's button. You will see your cues, and you can then tap the "Settings" button at the end of the row of the cue you wish to automate:

On ORB consoles you can also use the Syntax CUE <stack number> / <cue number> SETUP. 

Once in the Cue's Settings, you can use the first drop down to set the trigger. Go is the default trigger, which means the cue will run at the press of the Go button:

Auto (with previous cue)

This will trigger the selected cue at the same time as the previous cue. For example, when you press Go on the previous cue, this cue will also be triggered and run at the same time. When this option is selected, a “Wait Time” field will appear just below the drop down. This allows you to enter a wait time, for example 5 seconds. This means the selected cue will be triggered 5 seconds after the previous cue is triggered, even if the previous cue is still running as it’s fade time is longer than 5 seconds.

Auto (after previous cue)

This option is similar to above, but it will trigger the selected cue only once the previous cue’s fade time has been completed. Again, when this option is selected, a “Wait Time” option will appear under the drop down: