How do I use a Global BPM?

You can setup your chases so that they run at the Speed of the Global BPM (Beats Per Minute). This allows multiple chases to all use the same BPM. To do this hold SETUP and tap the button of your chase Playback, and select "Use Global BPM".

The Global BPM speed can then be controlled by a fader. To set this up hold SETUP and press the Playback Button of an empty playback. Choose "Global Tap Tempo", and click OK.

This Playback fader can now be used to slow down or speed up your chases live, and the button underneath the Global BPM Playback acts as a Global Tap Tempo:

You can also assign Global Tap Tempo to an empty UDK/ Spare Button. To do this hold SETUP + tap an empty UDK/ Spare Button, and then choose "Global Tap Tempo" from the Normal drop down:

On FLX consoles you can also press the Z button and use the “Global BPM” encoder wheel- this saves using up a Playback fader. The central encoder button or playback button will now work as a Tap Tempo, and the encoder will speed up / slow down the Global BPM: