How can I setup Rem Dim?

A Rem Dim (Remainder Dim) function which is often helpful when focussing fixtures, is provided on ZerOS consoles.

On FLX, ORB and Solution consoles, you can setup a Spare Button/UDK to be a Rem Dim button. You can do this by holding SETUP + tapping an empty UDK/ Spare Button, and choosing “Rem Dim” from the Normal drop down:

You can then use this function by selecting the fixture(s) required, and then tap the Rem Dim UDK. On ORB you can also access Rem Dim by holding down the SHIFT key and pressing the FULL key. If selected fixture's intensity level is above 0% and RemDim is activated, it is tagged and remains at that level. All unselected fixtures have their intensity level set to the Rem Dim low value, which by default is 0%. You will see in the Output Window the remaining fixtures have dimmed, indicated by yellow values:

If the selected fixture(s) intensity level is 0%, it is set to the Rem Dim high value which is by default 100%. RemDim High and Low values are both configurable within SETUP -> System Settings -> Operational Settings: