Inserting a cue

When programming a cue stack, you will often find you need to insert a cue between 2 existing cue numbers. This is where cues with a decimal point in their number, or "Point Cues" will be required. On ZerOS Consoles, this is done by defining the cue number.

To do this, firstly create the lighting state that you wish to be inserted. Then tap RECORD, and then type the cue number you want to record. For example to record between cue 2 and cue 3, type "2.5", and then tap the Playback button you wish this cue to be stored into. For FLX S, a numpad can be found by tapping "Z/Shift", and on Solution/Leapfrog, the MFKs will automatically turn into a numpad.

It is always a good idea to define the cue number exactly halfway between your existing cue numbers. This means if you then need to insert cues again, you have the most amount of empty cue slots to do so. You can record up to 2 decimal places, and so can have 99 cues recorded between 2 whole cue numbers if needed.

The maximum total number of cues across all Playbacks is 10,000, including these point cues.