ZerOS Software Update Instructions

To perform the update to the latest version of ZerOS:

- Download the software from the Zero 88 website
- Unzip the download and save the OS Creator USB application (.exe) file onto the root of a USB stick (don’t put it inside any folders). Do not use the "Phantom" application - this is the offline editor software for PC
- Ensure the console is powered on
- Plug the USB stick into your console
- Press SETUP to enter the console’s setup screen and choose “Load”
- Select the software application file from the list displayed on screen and click OK
- Follow the onscreen instructions, and when the installation is complete switch the console off
- Remove the USB stick and reboot the console


Once the software is up to date, you can get on with enjoying the new features in the desk software. Zero 88 recommend reading the Release Notes available with the software download, as some functionality may have changed.


The software version currently on your console is displayed in "System Information". 

On all consoles, hold SHIFT + press F9 on an external keyboard to access this window.

On FLX consoles, tap Z -> System Information.

On ORB series, Solution series, LeapFrog series and SCD Servers, open the Output Window, and tap Other Windows. Then choose System Information from the drop down.


These instructions are applicable for if your console is running ZerOS 7.8.3 or later. If you are running an earlier version, click here.