Triggering Macros From Cues

Cues have the ability to trigger Macros. These Macros could be:

- User Macros
- Fixture Macros
- Triggering a Cue Stack
- Releasing a Cue Stack
- Advanced Macros

To trigger macros from a cue, tap the Settings button for the cue to open the Cue Settings. Then choose Macros...

You can then choose to trigger a Macro, or Trigger/Release a playback.

As well as this, there is an Advanced option. This allows for macros to be typed in using the on-screen keyboard or external keyboard.

The following commands can be used:

Gx      Trigger Playback x
Sx       Pause Playback x
Rx       Release Playback x
Tx/y    Trigger Playback/Cue
Nx/y    Make Playback/Cue Next
Mx      Macro x
DMx   Don't Move - follow with required attribute letters


If more than one of these is needed for a cue, use a colon : as a delimiter between each command.