How to add custom Fixture Files to ZerOS

Custom Fixture Files are saved as .ift files. These can be created within the 'Fixture Type Editor' - free software from Zero 88 which is included within the 'Zero 88 Fixture Tools' package.

You can save more than one fixture profile into a single file, and then load them onto a ZerOS Console (which includes the FLX Series, ORB series, Solution Series, Leap Frog 48 & 96 and FROG2) or JesterML/JesterTL console.

To do this, save the file onto a USB stick, and plug it into the console.

Press SETUP to go into Setup, click 'Load File' and then select your fixture type.

The console now imports these files into the Global Fixture Library on the console, ready for you to patch your fixtures in the normal way.

Alternatively, you can send an email to containing a link to your fixture's manual and we can make the Fixture File for you.