What are Debug files?

If you experience a software crash on a ZerOS console (FLX series, Orb series, Solution/Leapfrog series, & FROG2), the next time you reboot your desk will ask you to save a debug file.

This debug file contains important information about the behaviour of your desk, and what caused the software to crash.  Providing this file to the Zero 88 support team can help us to improve the desks performance to ensure that the crashes do not occur in future software releases.

To save a debug file, you will need a USB memory stick.

When you see the popup which requests to save a debug file, please select 'Yes'.

The desk will prompt you to insert a USB memory stick.  Do this, and wait a few seconds for the device to be recognised.

Push the 'OK' button, and a debug file will be written to the memory stick.  Once the file has been completely written, the desk will continue to boot as normal.  It is now safe to remove the USB memory stick.

At the next available opportunity, please insert the USB memory stick into your computer and email the file to 'support@zero88.com' with a little information about what you were doing when the crash occurred.  We will endeavour to respond to your email with our findings, and you will be benefiting all our users by preventing future software crashes.

The file written to your memory stick is a .zdb file (ZerOS DeBug) and will have the date and time in the file. You can rename it to something you think is more useful if you wish.