RGB Colour Mixing on Faders - Changing Fixture Defaults

The article below describes how changing fixture defaults allows you to colour mix on the faders.

For basic LTP Colour Mixing where Defaults don't need to be adjusted, the option to enable "Fader Controls Colour" is available. For more information on this method, click here.


Some users with LED units like to store Red on one fader, Green on another, and Blue on another, so they can manually colour mix using faders (for example, push the Red and Blue Playback faders up to get Magenta).

To create RGB faders on Playbacks, this is the process you need:

(we're assuming Smart Tag is off - for more information click here.)


- Turn the fixture (or multiple fixtures) on, and change to red (or other colour)

- Untag all the other colours by holding down CLEAR and jogging the wheels of these colours (the background on the LCD should go from white, meaning tagged, to blue, meaning untagged).

- Record this to a Playback

- Hold SETUP and press the flash button of the Playback to open the 'Playback Settings' window. Under Fader Controls... Select Colour, and press OK.

- Repeat this process for the other colours

- Finally, select your fixtures included in the colour mix playbacks and put their Red, Green & Blue values to 0%.

Press RECORD ->  HOME -> Default.

The faders will now allow you to colour mix for your recorded fixture.


Another colour mixing method is to configure a playback to switch between colour mixing on the faders, and using the colour picker. Click here for more information.