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Solution Series

The Solution series consists of the Solution and Solution XL. They are fully featured, comprehensive and robust lighting consoles built on the high performance ZerOS operating software platform. Solution series offers simple hands on control of conventional generic and moving light parameters across 248 devices (296 XL) and 2048 channels with Playback Control, as well as a dedicated theatrical Memories Cue stack.

ZerOS’ powerful effects system can be relied upon to deliver truly unique effects, from simple chases to rainbows and fly-ins. Manipulate colour, beam and position with offset and rotation parameters to create almost limitless effect pallets.

Networking, external touchscreen and multimedia support combined with multi functional keys, offline editing and a comprehensive fixture library, completes an outstanding control package for the more demanding rental and multi-purpose user.

The latest version of ZerOS can be found here.

The latest Fixture Library can be found here.

Zero 88 Solution Website

Zero 88 SolutionXL Website

  1. Solution Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. Solution Series Brochure DE.pdf
  1. Solution XL Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. Solution Datasheet.pdf
  1. Solution Flyer.pdf
  1. Solution Quick Start Guide.pdf
  1. Solution XL Datasheet.pdf
  1. Solution Manual DE.pdf
  1. Solution ZerOS 7.3 Manual.pdf
  1. Solution ZerOS 7.9.2 Manual.pdf