How to connect apps to ZerOS (iOS)

ZerOS consoles have the ability to be remotely controlled by Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

In order to connect to your console, you will need to plug a wireless router into the Ethernet port of your console using a standard CAT5/5e patch cable.

The Zero 88 team use NetGear N300 wireless routers, however any should work with your console. Ensure you plug the CAT5/5e cable into one of the "Ethernet" ports of the router.
Do not connect your console to a network that has Internet access. ZerOS consoles should be used on dedicated networks.

Once you have done this you will need to download the ZerOS remote app for iPhone/iPad, and then connect your iPhone/ iPad to your Wireless Router.
Tap the Settings app -> Wi-Fi -> Choose the Wireless router from the list of available networks. You will then need to enter your router's password (Network Key), usually listed on the bottom of the router.

To enable your Remote on the console, tap SETUP, and scroll down the tabs on the left hand side until you get to Devices. Under Remote, tap Enable

By default Security will be enabled. The Remote Password can be changed, or removed. The console will also be set to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This means the router will assign the console and remote device an IP address automatically. If you wish to input a static IP address, manually enter a static IP address.

When you have connected your device to the router and enabled the Remote on the console, open the ZerOS remote app on your device. Your console should appear in the list in the format:
Desk Name, followed by your console's serial number:

Tap this and it will ask you to enter a password. By default this is "zeros" however you can change this on the console, or disable the password.

When you are connected and logged in you will be presented with a Syntax pad that you can use to control your console. The bottom bar allows you to select different windows to view and control from the app.