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Common spare parts for ORB XF console

Below is a list of common spare parts for ORB XF Consoles.
These can be ordered from you Zero 88 distributor.

Order CodeDescriptionPCB EM Ref.
1212399ORB Series SMPTE/MIDI/Remote/CAN PCBEM8202
1216699ORB Series Numeric Keypad PCBEM8706
1216799ORB Series Wheel PCBEM8707
1216899ORB Series Dual LCD PCBEM8708
1217199ORB XF Faders PCBEM8928
1217299ORB XF Playback PCBEM8929
3304410Fan 80mm 12VDC for ORB Series 
4311500ORB XF 120W Internal Power Supply 
4418000Spare fader for ORB series (long throw) 
4419000Spare fader for ORB XF (short throw) (Grand Master is 4418000) 
5303500Black circular button with Yellow/Green LED (ORB XF) 
5338600ORB XF Key Caps Set 
5356700ORB series Keypad Switch 
5440500Fader Cap - Black/White (Slim)