Information about the Filtered Fixture Library (Jester Series, Frog Series, Illusion 500, Diablo, Sirius 250/500)

Click here to download the latest Filtered Fixture Library.


Jester ML & TL Series

The fixture library is included in Jester software, however this can be updated from USB in Setup -> Update Fixture Lib -> Update Library.

Frog Series & Illusion 500

Use 'Common Fixture Manager' (included in the Fixture Tools download) to select the fixtures you wish to use, and save this as a file to a floppy disk.


The fixture library is used with the Diablo Fixture Manager PC software.

Sirius 250/500.

Use the Fixture Type Editor to import fixture types from the fixture library, and then use the ‘Export Sirius UFT’ function (under the ‘File’ menu) to generate data in the correct format for the Sirius 250/500.


Please note: The Zero 88 fixture library exceeds the 1.44MB capacity of a standard floppy disk. Please click here for more info

For a list of fixtures available in this release, click here.