Fixture Tools

Click here to download Fixture Tools version 2.6.

Fixture Tools is used to create custom fixture files for all desk types. This tool is suitable for creating fixture types for the ZerOS consoles (FLX, FLX S series, FROG2, Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, ORB, ORB XF, Solution, Solution XL), original Frog series (Fat Frog, Leap Frog, Bull Frog, Mambo Frog, Frog Box), Jester ML series (Jester ML, Jester ML24, Jester ML48, Jester TLXtra), Illusion 500, Sirius 250, Sirius 500 and Diablo consoles.

A User Guide is attached in pdf format.

  1. Fixture Tools User Guide.pdf