Which fixtures work with RigSync?

RigSync uses "RDM" (Remote Device Management) to automatically address, patch and manage your lighting rig.

In the latest ZerOS Fixture Library, there are 679 RDM fixtures that will automatically be linked to the built-in personalities, giving you the best possible control of your fixtures. See the spreadsheet attached for a list of the fixtures supported.

RDM enabled fixtures not listed should still work with your ZerOS console, however the level of control will be based upon the quality of the fixture's RDM implementation - which does vary between manufacturers and fixtures. We have already approached many of the major fixture manufacturers to obtain the latest RDM information and we will be regularly updating this list as the information is released and our fixture library is updated. 

If you wish to request RigSync support for a specific RDM enabled fixture, please email fixturesupport@zero88.com

  1. gft38_00_RDM.xlsx