SCD Server

The SCD Server is a rack-mounted, fully featured, lighting control system ideal for use in larger performance installations and networks where show replay, tracking backup or standalone operation is required.
SCD Server runs ZerOS - a powerful and proven lighting control application designed for the control of all types of performance lighting including LED, intelligent moving lights, media servers, effects and traditional theatrical lighting fixtures and dimmers.

The latest version of ZerOS can be found here.

SCD Server features DMX input and capture along with interfaces to MIDI, ArtNet, streaming ACN and contact closures as well as acting as an iLight iCAN network device within a distributed intelligence architectural lighting network.

  • A stand alone or remotely controlled event replay controller for complex permanent installations such as facades, landscapes or theme parks.
  • A fully tracking Backup to any ZerOS lighting console.
  • A bridge between a performance lighting system and an architectural lighting control network making it ideal for theatres, conference centres and other public building applications.

The SCD Server is capable of running 4 universes (2048 channels) of DMX, whereas the Pro can run 8 universes (4096 channels).

Zero 88 SCD Server Website

  1. SCD-Server-User-Manual-9850-000387-01--Rev1--0514.pdf
  1. SCD_Servers_Datasheet_UK_Rev4_0615.pdf