Elara Mk2

The Elara (Mk2 - 2003) lighting desk is a compact user-friendly memory desk which records channel levels. Up to 48 (96) memories can be recorded. The memories are played back, using the PRESET faders as submasters. The memories can also be used to program three sequences (chases). Crossfade times and chase speed/direction can be adjusted by the user. The Elara 12/24 has 12 control channels (24 channels in WIDE mode). The Elara 24/48 has 24 control channels (48 channels in WIDE mode).Attached are specifications and manuals for both Elaras:

  • Zero 88 Elara 12/24
  • Zero 88 Elara 24/48
  1. Elara MK2 User Manual DE.pdf
  1. Elara MK2 User Manual.pdf
  1. Elara 1224 Specification DE.pdf
  1. Elara 1224 Specification.pdf
  1. Elara 2448 Specification DE.pdf
  1. Elara 2448 Specification.pdf