Jester Error

All Jester series consoles may show a 'Bad Product ID' error message, often, but not always, referenced with 'Error 001', 'Error 002', 'Error 003' or 'Error 004'..

This is usually caused by the internal battery becoming flat.

These can be easily replaced by opening the console, and replacing the CR2032 coin cell battery on the circut board on the bottom metal work (the battery just pops out).

CR2032 coin cell batteries are easy to aquire from Watch Repair shops or most supermarkets.

Once you've done this, power the desk back up, go into SETUP / Super User (SHIFT + MODE) and do a full reset of your console.

Other Errors you may receive are "Wing not Found". This will occur if loading a Jester ML48 showfile into a Jester ML24.

Please Note: If your console is still within warranty, you should contact your local Zero 88 Dealer's Service Department, or the Zero 88 Service Department, before opening up your console.