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Jester 12/24 & 24/48 are perfect for small to medium show lighting applications. With a wide range of features, intuitive operation and great value, Jester 12/24 & 24/48 deliver outstanding performance show after show.

The three operating modes feature control in preset, program or playback including using a traditional theatre playback stack. The Jester 12/24 & 24/48 are fully functional memory consoles complimented with on-board LCD display and plug-in monitor port as standard.

The 12 auxiliary buttons on the 12/24 and 24 auxiliary buttons on the 24/48 can be used to trigger DMX devices such as scrollers, smoke machines or strobes.

With MIDI capabilities, a USB port to backup shows connect a keyboard and plug in USB LED lights, and even a DMX In port for snapshot/backup use, the Jester 12/24 & 24/48 deliver truly wide user appeal.

Jester 12/24 19” Rack Mount version has been tailored specifically for mounting in 19” racks making this unit perfect for installation where space is at a premium. Users include TV and video studios, clubs, small rental and AV applications. The Jester 12/24 19” Rack Mount is simple to use and delivers great features in a very compact package.

The latest software (JOS v4.1) is attached called PhantomJester is also attached.

  1. Jester 1224 19 Rackmount Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. Jester 1224 Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. Jester Manual DE.pdf
  1. Jester Online Help DE.pdf
  1. Jester 1224 Datasheet.pdf
  1. Jester 1224 Rackmount Datasheet.pdf
  1. Jester 2448 Datasheet.pdf
  1. Jester Manual 3.4.pdf
  1. Jester Online Help 1.0.pdf
  1. Jester Series Release Notes - JesterV4.1.pdf
  1. JesterOS
  1. Phantom Jester
  1. Jester 1224 Specification FR.pdf
  1. Jester 1224 Rackmount Specification FR.pdf
  1. Jester 2448 Specification FR.pdf
  1. Jester Online Help FR.pdf
  1. Jester Online Help NL.pdf