Jester ML & TL Fixture Library Updates

The Jester ML and TL fixture library is updated regularly, to ensure you have access to the latest fixtures.

Before updating your Jester's Fixture Library, ensure that it is running the latest software version. To find the software version on your Jester, hold SHIFT + MODE to enter Setup. The software version will be shown top right of the main LCD. The latest version is v4.1, available for TL consoles here, and ML consoles here.

Click here to download the latest Jester Fixture Library.

To update the Jester's Fixture Library, hold SHIFT + MODE for a second to enter Setup, then cursor down to <Update Fixture Lib>. Press OK, choose <Update Library>, and then use the Up and Down arrows to page through the files on your USB stick. Once you have chosen the correct file, click OK and the update will begin. This will take around a minute.

If you try and load in the Fixture Library release for ZerOS consoles, the progress will get to around 20%, and you will be displayed an error message "Failed 108".

You may also find that when loading in the Jester Fixture Library, it almost completes, and then displays "Wrong File Type". If this is the case click <OK>, then choose <Delete User Files>, and go through and delete the files you no longer want. After doing this try updating the Fixture Library again, and you should find it updates successfully.


If you are running Zero 88 Fixture Library version 36 or later on your Jester ML or TL console, you will first need to clear the current fixture library from the console before updating to the latest fixture library.

To do this, download the Blank Fixture Library attached to the bottom of this article, and download the latest Zero 88 Library for Jester available here.

Ensure these files have been unzipped/extracted, and have the ".ift" file extenstion. Then copy to the root of a USB stick, not in any folders. Next plug the USB stick into your Jester ML or TL console. 

Hold SHIFT and press and hold MODE to enter Setup. Then arrow down to <Update Fixture Lib>. Press ENTER, and then press ENTER again to choose <Update LIbrary>. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to choose the "BlankLib" file from the USB stick. When Jester displays "Success", click OK. The Jester now has no Fixture Library on board. Now arrow up to <Update Library>, and click ENTER. Now use the Up/Down arrow keys to choose the current fixture library "gftxx_ft". Click OK, and the console will install the latest library. This will take 1 to 2 minutes.

When complete, and Jester displays "Success", click OK. Ensure Jester is displaying "Fixture Lib Vxx.xx" with the new version shown. Arrow down and click OK, and then press and hold MODE to leave Setup. Your Jester is now running the latest Zero 88 Fixture Library.