Jester TL Series

The Jester TLXtra is the right lighting control choice for up to 200 dimmer channels and 30 fixtures. Operation is by numeric keypad using industry standard command syntax; making the Jester TLXtra an excellent choice for theatrical and performance venues where consistent show playback is paramount.

A built in monitor port enables simple and convenient operation with channel, fixture, cuestack and submaster data all viewed using the monitor. The desk can even be operated using the built in LCD displays without a monitor if needed. Playback is by a traditional theatre playback stack, or from the 10 submaster faders.

Jester TLXtra also features an effects system, recorded pallets and an extensive library of fixture personalities making it an exciting and powerful theatrical control package that delivers.

The latest software (JOS v4.1) is attached.

For the latest Fixture Library click here.

  1. Jester Online Help 2.4.pdf
  1. Jester TL and TLXtra Manual 3.0.pdf
  1. Jester TLXtra Datasheet.pdf
  1. JesterML OS
  1. Phantom Jester
  1. JesterTLXtra Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. JesterTL Online Help DE.pdf