The Zero 88 FROG2 is a 4 universe console (2004-2014).

Attached are manuals and datasheets. Also attached is Phantom ZerOS for FROG2.

For FROG2 software, click here.

Software files included are:

  • Zip file containing the installation software (USB - newer FROG 2 hardware)
  • Zip file containing the installation software (CD - older FROG 2 hardware)
  • Release notes for version 7.8.2 software, including update instructions, in pdf format

For all other ZerOS consoles (ORB Series, Solution Series, FLX, SCD Server (& Pro) and Leapfrog 48 & 96), click here.

For all previous versions of ZerOS, and their respective release notes, click here.

  1. zeros v7.8.2.39 release notes.pdf
  1. phantomzeros
  1. Frog 2 Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. Frog 2 Datasheet.pdf
  1. Frog 2 Manual.pdf
  1. Frog 2 Quickstart Guide.pdf
  1. Frog 2 Datasheet FR.pdf