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Capture Visualisation Software

The Zero 88 team use Capture Argo Visualisation Software to demonstrate ZerOS consoles.

Capture Visualisation software is great way to practice using a console without the need for a lighting rig connected.

Attached to the bottom of this article is "", which contains a pre-made presenter show from Capture, with a selection of lights rigged. Also attached to this article is "ZerOS Show" containing 2 show files that you can load into your ZerOS console, to allow you to control the virtual rig. Download the show files, and load them into your ZerOS console using a USB storage device, and download the Capture file, extract it, and run the application on a PC. To plug your console into the PC running Capture, use a standard CAT5/5e Network patch cable.

The showfile named "Dockhouse FLX.isf" is for all ZerOS consoles except FLX S. If loading this into a console with less than 8 Universes of DMX output, you will receive a message saying you won't be able to control some of the fixtures in the file.

For FLX S, use the "Dockhouse FLX S.isf" file.

The show files use CITP to communicate to Capture. You will need to set the IP address of your PC running Capture to:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:


To set the IP address of a PC as per Windows 10:

  • Right click Start, and choose "Network Connections", to open Control Panel
  • Double Click on "Ethernet"
  • Double click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, and click “Use the Following IP Address” then set the IP to and the subnet to, and click OK.

Boot your console, and run the “Dockhouse.exe” file on your PC, and then load the “Dockhouse.isf” file onto your console. You should then be able to control your virtual lighting rig.


  1. ZerOS Show