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How do I Home a fixture?

If you are unsure which fixture is which, the easiest way to see what fixtures you are controlling is to “home” them. By default this will set their position (Pan and Tilt) to 50%, the intensity to 100%, and the beam to open white (no colour, gobos or effects). This is therefore also a quick way of turning a fixture on.

This will Home the whole fixture, but you can also Home specific attributes by holding the Attribute key you want to Home, followed by the HOME key. For example EFFECT + HOME.

The home values can be customised by recording them in a similar way you would a cue. Set up your lights in the state you wish them to be when you tap the Home key. Then, tap RECORD, followed by HOME. You will be presented by the following screen:

Then select Home from the screen, and this state will be saved as your home state. Next time you select these lights and tap the HOME button, this state will be recalled.

In a similar way, tapping RECORD -> HOME also allows you to configure the fixture's Defaults, and Max Level.

You can then remove these user Home values by tapping DELETE -> HOME and choose Home. This action cannot be undone.