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How can I configure Default & Max Levels?


The Default values for fixture parameters are the values that are output when the fixture is “released” (ie, not currently being used / controlled). The initial values for all of these settings are taken from the fixture library. They are set to values that will produce an open white beam (no gobos or effects) at a central position (Pan and Tilt at 50%) but with an intensity of 0%. These values can be changed to create a more useful default state, depending on your rig and fixtures. To change the defaults make your lighting state you wish to be the default for your fixtures. Then tap RECORD, followed by HOME. You will then be presented with a pop-up where you can choose “Defaults”

If recording default values with fixtures at 0% intensity, you will need to make sure SmartTag is off. This can be configured in the Record Options pop-up. When using FLX without an external monitor, press and hold RECORD to access the pop-up...

This allows you to setup the lighting state you wish to be the default, then tap RECORD -> HOME -> Default. If you Record fixtures with defaults of greater than 0% intensity, this percentage will be displayed as a yellow value in the Output Window.

Max Level

The max level value, or also known as top set, for each fixture's intensity is the maximum value which can be reached when adjusting the fixture using the wheels, channel faders, syntax, etc. This is set to a default value of 100%, therefore giving you full control. To configure this, edit intensities of your fixtures to the value you wish to be the maximum level, then in the same way as customising fixture defaults as described above, tap RECORD, then HOME, and this time choose Max Level. If a fixture has a Max Level active, this is indicated by a line above the fixture's number in the Output Window. Now syntax is scaled by the top set, and so are channel faders...

Deleting Defaults & Max Level

To remove custom default and max level values, and revert back to the console defaults, tap DELETE -> HOME, and then choose which values you'd like to delete. This action can't be undone.