Replacement Battery Information

This is a lists of the type of batteries used by Zero 88 products.

WARNING: This battery replacement should only be carried out by authorised personnel.


Battery type 3.6v, 150mAh Varta Mempac

The older products will have had NiCad and can be identified as having a blue cover. These are the direct replacements.


EclipseOrion Lightmaster XL and XLS
Sirius 24 and 48 – 48 has two of theseID series dimmer 
Linebacker Illusion 120/240 Demux 48 and LTC Demux card       
*Frog and Fat Frog – See note below                             
**Sirius 250 and 500 - See note below  


CR2032 coin cell battery.


Illusion 500BullFrogMambo Frog
Leap Frog Original VersionFrog BoxFrog Screen
*Frog and Fat Frog – See Note below  
Leap Frog 48/96ORBOrbXF
SolutionSolutionXLAll Jester Range  
FROG2 – Some early version will have two of these  


*Note on Frog and Fat Frogs.

Early version (pre November 2001) of these desks had a different style of mother board that has the Varta battery fitted.

Frog desks are difficult to identify without opening even using the serial number as there was a cross over period when we changed type of PCB. A quick guide is anything with a serial number starting 0073001 01XXXXXX will be a Varta battery. Desk serial number 073001 02XXXXXX will be a CR2032

Fat Frogs can be identified by looking at the DMX sockets, if the outer surround is silver then it will be a Varta battery. If the outer surround is black it will be a CR2032 coin cell battery.

All other Frog series consoles use the CR2032 coin cell battery

**Note on Sirius 250 and 500

There are two PCB that have a battery fitted in these desks.

The front panel interface board (PCIF card) which had a Vatra battery fitted and a standard PC mother board.

The PC mother boards came with a variety of different types of batteries or re-chargeable cells.

The desk would have to be opened to confirm what type is fitted.