Split2.8 RDM

The Split2.8 RDM offers flexible DMX/ RDM data distribution in a 19” format. Two DMX inputs can be split and output to 8 outputs. Each output is grounded and features an A/B switch for easy selection of which DMX Input to feed to that output. Additionally, each input universe also provides Thru connectivity for further expansion. The flexibility of the Split2.8 RDM makes it equally appropriate for permanent installations and as a flexible, adaptable rental tool, providing buffered outputs of two separate DMX/RDM universes in one unit.

The Split2.8 RDM is fully compatible with the latest RDM protocol, ensuring your DMX distribution network is ready to meet your future demands. The slim 19” enclosure makes it ideal for use alongside the EtherN.8 RDM to build a larger data distribution system.

Permanent installations can make use of the two inputs to provide a low cost switchover between front of house and control room DMX feeds, without the need for patch cables.

Whatever your DMX system, Split2.8 RDM adds flexibility.

Attached are the manuals and datasheets for the Zero 88 Split2.8.

  1. Split2.8 RDM Datasheet DE.pdf
  1. Split2.8 RDM Datasheet.pdf
  1. Split2.8 RDM Manual.pdf
  1. split2-8.zip