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The Elara Lighting Desk (1998) is a compact user-friendly memory desk which records channel levels. Up to 48 Memories can be saved. The memories are accessed as two pages of 24 memories, using the PRESET faders as submasters. The programmed memories can also be used to program three sequences (chases) each of which can contain up to 99 steps. Crossfade times and chase speed/direction can be adjusted by the user. The desk has 12 control channels (24 with WIDE active). The standard output from the desk is DMX 512. The control channel data is output on DMX channels 1 -24 (control ch 1 = DMX ch 1, control ch 2 = DMX ch 2 etc.).

Attached is the manual...

  1. Elara MK1 Manual DE.pdf
  1. Elara MK1 Manual.pdf