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Firmware v2.19 for EtherN.2 and EtherN.8

To update the firmware, you will need to install DMX Workshop (click here to download) and download the attached file at the very bottom of this page (AL500x Version 2-19_EATON.alf).



(Please note: some Firewalls might block you from following these instructions. In this situation, we recommend temporarily disabling your firewall.)

Connect your computer to the EtherN.2 or EtherN.8 via a crossover cable (or via a straight cable if going through a router or switch).

Ensure your computer's IP address is in the same range as the EtherN.2 or EtherN.8 - that'll be either 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x with a subnet of (the IP address must be unique - so in the same range, but not the same as, the EtherN.2 or EtherN.8).

Open DMX Workshop. If you get a popup titled "Select Network Interface Card", choose the "Host Address" with the same IP address as you selected above.

You should then see the following window:


Choose "Node List". A window will open which will either list one node (for EtherN.2) or four nodes (for EtherN.8). Clicking the "+" next to one of them, and then clicking the "+" next to the word "Configuration" will display the device's current Firmware Revision, as highlighted below. (Please be aware that each node can have a different firmware revision, however this is not recommended).


Right click on one of the nodes and select "Advanced" > Programme Upload > Firmware


Next, select the folder of the downloaded firmware file in the left hand pane, and select the file itself in the righthand pane, and click Next.


In the next window, it is strongly recommended that the firmware upgrade is applied to all output ports by checking the ‘Tick All’ box (EtherN.8 only). Then click "Upload new Firmware".

The Progress Bar may go through several times, and may pause for a significant time during upload. This is not a fault.

Once complete, close DMX Workshop and start using your newly updated EtherN.2 or EtherN.8!

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